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starsandspires's Journal

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Hullo dears!

Welcome to starsandspires, a place where I post my original LJ icons. I love all things whimsical, bright, & old fashioned, so that's probably you'll find in my batches of icons. That said, I positivey love feedback, as it helps me to know what types of icons you like best for future reference. I just have a few simple rules:

1. Please credit the icons that you take
2. Please comment if you like any of my work or have any suggestions
3. Please make sure to save the icons to your computer (please don't hyperlink!)


* iPhoto
* Adobe Photoshop CS3
* Screencap & Still Sites that I credit according to my icon batches

Brushes & Patterns:

That's it! Thanks so much for stopping by; I hope you enjoy! :)

Stylesheet by minty_peach
Friends Only Graphic by bella_sol